It started in 7th grade - the moment I got to choose my first paint color for my very own bedroom. The agony. The ecstasy. The endless possibilities. I finally chose the very 1985 color of lavender and loved it. That was it. I was officially hooked. Although, at the time, I had no idea what I was hooked on.

I also loved magazines and wanted to write for one when I grew up. I didn't care which one. Seventeen. Southern Living. Architectural Digest. Elle. People. Just the thought of those glossy photos and snappy copy made me giddy.

Fast forward a few decades and a LOT of life events later (you know, small things like college, career, marriage, babies), and I decided to start a blog about interior design in 2010 called My Interior Life. It seemed the perfect combination of magazine eye candy combined with what had now become my true passion - interior design.

As I obsessed over decorating our homes over the years, friends and family took notice and asked me to help them with theirs. The rest, they say, is history. I started K Interiors to help others design their spaces and find their personal style.

My talent for finding unique vintage furniture and accessories and combining them with classic pieces makes all the difference. I can't stand cookie-cutter design. One style does not fit all.

Kathy McGee  Owner/Designer   

Kathy McGee